3 Day Detox: Clean Body From Sugar, Lose Weight And Boost Health

Generally sugar, mixed with carbohydrates and fats, is the main ingredient responsible for being overweight and for obesity. But, we don’t think about a reasonable amount of sugar, because it not dangerous for our health. Many people don’t know that they take big sugar amounts, with consuming products that can be found in stores like cereals, sodas, salad dressings, drinks, candies, yogurts etc.

Many of these products are filled with unwanted sugar attacking the system. Our organism is built to quickly use the sugars, usually as a quick source of energy. This process of the body raises the levels of blood sugar, and we are all aware that this has harmful effects on the health.

The body needs sugar to function properly but the bigger amounts of sugar and the bad sugar can influence the body in a very bad way.

Many symptoms occur when your body has a sugar overdose: hyperactivity, consequent fatigue, yeast infections, depression, headaches, colds or sinus problems, mental disorientation and sleepiness.

Another problems sugar can trigger are higher diabetes risk, heart disease, cancer development, especially breast cancer.

Sugar Consumption vs. Weight gain?

When we consume too much sugar, the body transforms the needed sugar into energy. This is the dubious part – the body gathers the rest as body fat. The additional sugars in different foods don’t cause the same impact on our body like natural sugars. If you eat such items, they can bring about microorganisms in the bowels, which thusly may expand the level of glucose. What’s more, this sort of sugar is also changed into fat! We are all able to recognize sugar addicts. When individuals consume a lot of sugar, the body continues to accumulate unnecessary fat on their waist, hips, face and thighs.

Quit Sugar!

Although it seems impossible, you can quit sugar. If you do so, you will go through classic withdrawal symptoms of any addiction, such as sadness, headaches, queasiness, fatigue and cravings.

Sugar cravings occur after a meal is digested and your body sends signals to the brain that it is hungry again. This is when you reach for that sweet dessert.

You need to stay away from it and don’t consume any added sugar. Try a little at the beginning, not all at once because you will want it more. Cut out one added sugar product at time.

Three Day Sugar Detox

Day 1

Breakfast: A cup of oats (steel-cut) with seeds, almonds or berries or three scrambled eggs

• Snack: a bowl of nuts (small)

• Lunch: Poached chicken breast and one serving of butternut squash, turnips, carrots, parsnips ,beets and beans (lightly cooked) and almonds

• Dinner: Green beans and broiled fish, or a salmon and stir-fry mushrooms and broccoli

Day 2

Breakfast: A cup of oats (steel-cut) with seeds, berries and almonds, or spinach with three scrambled eggs

• Snack: A bowl of nuts (small)

• Lunch: Zucchini with peppers (yellow and red) with lemon dressing, thyme and vinegar, or a red or green shredded cabbage salad and carrots, olive oil, salt dressing and lemon juice and chopped parsley

• Dinner: Vegetable casserole, bean soup and steamed vegetables, or bok choy with baked cod and roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts.

Day 3

Breakfast: A cup of oats (steel-cut) with almonds, berries and seeds, or radish, sautéed kale and walnut salad, shrimp and three fried eggs

• Snack: A bowl of nuts (small)

• Lunch: Chicken thighs roasted in a pan with lemon, sage and rosemary or chicken roasted in an oven with black olives, thyme and onion.

• Dinner: Vegetable broth with onion, garlic, celery, carrots, bay leaves and thyme with mushroom heads or penne pasta with basil, mushroom and tomato sauce (you can also add meat)


If you really want to stop using sugar than drinks are very important. If you eliminate drinks packed with sugar from the diet you will easily break the addiction to sugar. You can take healthy drinks that will make you feel energized and refreshed and also will speed up your metabolism.

Detox water: Chop some blueberries, grapefruits, oranges or strawberries, together with mint or fresh rosemary and place the mixture in a jar with filtered water. Leave the detoxifying water in the fridge and consume it on daily bases.

Tea: You can consume green or herbal tea, but make sure it is unsweetened. Drink three times a day, every day.

Coffee: You can drink only a cup of black coffee a day but it must be unsweetened.

After these 3 days you will see that the headaches, depression and fatigue are totally gone and you will see that you can live without sugar. It is time for you to start consume healthy sugars like dry fruit, fresh fruit or other desserts with low sugar level. You will feel very refreshed and healthier.

Source: http://healthylifeexperts.com/

3 Day Detox: Clean Body From Sugar, Lose Weight And Boost Health

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